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About Skytech

Established in 2006 in Beijing China, Skytech is committed to providing advanced, complete and reliable CBRN and C-IED solutions both at home and aboard.

Based on our years' cooperation with several world-leading brands in this field such as Cristanini.S.p.A(Italy), Dycor(Canada), D-tect Systems(US), ION(UK) and Renful Premier Technologies(UK), our company has been delivering first-class CBRN decontamination, detection and defense systems as well as simulated improvised explosive device(IED) training aids to customers in mainland China including the First Responder, Fire Brigade, Military, Law Enforcement, EOD Police, Boarder Control, Airport and so on.

C-IED Training Platform

We also work as the bridge for international security companies to give C-IED training courses in China. Subjects include but not limited to luggage X-ray interpretation, IED identification, EOD operations, terrorism, cargo security,etc. Besides, a web-based platform has been build for trainees to access the pre-recorded training content and take test from anywhere and at anytime. Learn More

C-IED Training

Inert IED Training Aids

Our realistic, practical and cost-effective IED training aids have just been available to the international market! Designed based on the previous terro attacks and the ever changing challenges in security, the IED electronics,curcuits in our training aids are highly modularized to enable flexible course setup.They would allow airport security checkpoints, law enforcement and EOD technicians to gain real insights on the threats they are facing today and get better prepared. Learn More

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