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How to Select IED Training Kits
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How to Select IED Training Kits and 7 Other Questions You May Want to Ask

1/ What is an IED? 

IED is the abbreviation for Improvised Explosive Device. While a bomb can be destructive in general, an IED stands out in particular for being not only dangerous but also extremely difficult to identify and deal with. This is because unlike a typical weapon made according to certain standards, an IED could be constructed at home with unconventional material purchased online or nearby. Being improvised means the device could have many variations depending on the maker’s resource, background, capability, intention and even the taste.   

2/ What are inert IED training aids? 

Inert IEDs are products using non hazardous chemicals as the main charge to simulate real IEDs physically and/or chemically. They are realistic in one or more aspects below while safe to observe, touch and trigger. They are used as training material to enhance the your counter-IED capabilities.

 - Appearance: colour, texture, shape, etc                                                           

 - X-RAY/CT Images: density, Zeff value, organic/inorganic, etc, 

 - Mechanism: electronics, circuits, triggering system, ect                                  

 - Scent: for K9

 - Trace: for Explosive Trace Detector                                                                   

 - Power: explosion, blast, etc 

3/ We are security inspection officers at the airport. Why do we need to train with Inert IEDs? 

IEDs have been used by terrorists to attack the airports and planes repeatedly. By getting trained with inert IEDs designed based on previous incidents, you would stand in a better position to identify them concealed in the baggage/body of terrorist disguised as passenger and inside of cargo today. Inert IEDs are also recommended as drill items for covert testing conducted by airport authority. 

 4/ As a police officer/soldier, why do I need to train with inert IEDs? 

IEDs have also been used to attack the facilities, transportation systems, massive events VIPs and so on. Therefore, whether you are responsible for collecting intelligence, performing venue/vehicle search or disarming the bomb, the suitable inert training aids would offer you with safe practice on EOD procedures and more insight on the ever changing threats, so that you would develop the tactic to mitigate the risk. 

5/ How many types of Inert IED training aids are there in the market? 

At moment you could find quite a lot IED training aids and simulated threats/weapons in the market. Generally they could be categorized as below: 

How to Select IED Training Kit.jpg

* Some pictures above are selected from our partners/internet. 

6/ How to choose the right training aids for our department/my customer? 

Tip 1#: Keep in mind that the training aids which are prefect for one department may not be necessarily suitable for another. This is because, A. the appearance and components of IEDs vary greatly depending on their targets (commercial/military, indoor/outdoor, people/vehicle/flight/building, ect), B. your specific role during the counter-IED operation (search/prevent/transfer/disarm, ect) should lead to different focus in the training(IED physical appearance and concealment/mechanism/circuit and electronics, etc) . So, the training aids ought to be selected to match the unique challenge you are facing. 

TIP 2#: Think about how you wish to take your existing training on IED to the next level. For example, if you have been training with some few dummy IEDs since many years ago that they almost become stereotyped, would you like to include some more diversified, up-to-date and interactive examples in the future session? If you have been trying repeatedly to identify the IED hidden in a baggage on the X-RAY simulator, would you like to challenge yourself with some well-concealed IED test piece hidden in a real suitcase with various combinations? In one word, ask yourself what you already know and what you wish to know next. The criminals are evolving, so should we. 

TIP 3#: Make your training more cost-effective and creative. Counter-IED training is an ongoing process. You don’t want to simply display the aids for a few times then lock them away with concern that they are too fragile and expensive to use frequently. Neither do you wish to be stuck with the aids purchased many years ago which were fresh at first sight but now become old and boring. Being cost-effective does not mean being cheap, but being practical, durable and versatile for different types and levels of training. These aids should allow you to be creative to develop your own unique training course. They might even be incorporated with the other aids you have now to maximize the training effect.

7/ What is the advantage of Skytech as the supplier of IED training products? 

We see ourselves a competitive supplier of inert IED Circuit, electronics and concealed IEDs.  


1# We are credible and professional. In the past 12 years, we have been supplying the training aids to 100+ airports and police departments in mainland, China. 

2# The electronics parts of many IEDs were removed from ordinary objects which are made by Chinese factories. So we are able to offer you a great variety of choice at reasonable price. 

3# We are happy to tailor to your needs. There are much more we are able to offer than the products listed on this website. Just contact us for your requirement! 

8/ How to purchase from Skytech? 

Welcome to reach us by email ( [email protected] ) for any inquiries. We will reply you within 24 hours. To place an order, we will issue you an invoice with our company's bank account for wire transfer. Full payment in advance is expected. Depending on stock, the products will be delivered in 10-40 days after receiving your payment. You may also contact our worldwide partners or branch office in Japan.


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